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Scientific Management

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

For hundreds of years, scientists and engineers have been enhancing the lives of humans through the development of new ideas derived from experimentation and testing. Over the course of the last century, industry has exploded, and with it, so has manufacturing and the human factors in the workplace. Pioneering minds such as Frederick Taylor have paved the forefront for modern industrial engineers by conceiving methods of experimentation and analysis that have become the foundation from which new businesses and manufacturers develop. Scientific management techniques, which were developed by Frederick Taylor, are used internationally because of their continuing success in the improvement of the manufacturing process. With the constant new ideas that are presented by innovators, new subspecialties such as process engineering and human factors engineering have been developed amongst engineers to further the efficiency and capability of the human worker.  

During my first year of working with OperationsRx, I have focused my efforts on analyzing and improving the methods in which products are manufactured. Many of my new experiences have left me pondering ways in which the efficiency of workers can be improved upon by using scientific management. Perhaps most critical to the success of the company is the cooperation between manageme

nt and workers. Success hinges on this cooperation because it allows for a coexistence where the manager can enable the worker to succeed and where the worker is willing and able to work towards this success. This relationship is one of the many methods of scientific management that can be utilized to improve the overall system in a manufacturing setting.

The biggest lesson that I can take away from my work thus far is to maintain organization through a set method. As my career unfolds, I will be faced with difficulties, many of which I am not suited to handle or lack prior experience with. Instead of allowing many small tasks to overwhelm me, I can address the overall task as many sub-tasks. By doing this I will be able to prioritize those tasks and effectively work on each task more efficiently. Additionally, forming strong bonds with my more experienced coworkers will allow me to gain knowledge and instruction that will help me excel in the workplace. By laying out a path for my future, I will be able to clearly identify my objectives and continue to work towards strengthening my weaknesses. 

As my first year concludes, I am starting to develop a refined view on what industrial engineering really is. Industrial engineering isn’t just the mathematics and “hard science” related to manufacturing. It is also a field which is involved with the integration of humans into the workplace. Although engineering is often focused on the invention or refining of a new product itself, I believe that the most effective way to really develop and improve a product is through its manufacturing. Having a product that is well made and reliable is a testament to those who worked on it, and industrial engineers are responsible for creating the most effective system possible in order to manufacture the best products. This starts with the development of an efficient labor force, and by working in tandem with the people who are manufacturing the products, a better-quality product is created. 

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