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Simple solutions to put profit to your bottom line.

Simple Solutions for a Complex World.

With over 30 years experience in operational manufacturing, I know how easy it is to overlook the obvious low hanging fruit that can add profit to your bottom line. Most companies are looking for the silver bullet that will increase productivity & reduce labor, and most will gravitate toward investing large amounts of capital to chase these goals when in fact there are ways to improve performance without a large investment.  Some of the simplest tactics can produce largest dividends.

Here are some examples of opportunities to add profit to your bottom line without a large capital investment:

  1. Cross functional teams that hold each other accountable for their responsibilities.

  2. Reduction of inventory levels by JIT manufacturing.

  3. Invest resources to improve inventory accuracy.

  4. Work order adherence to customer demand.

  5. Hold internal & external suppliers accountable for component quality and on time delivery.

  6. Measure scrap dollars and drive improvements.

  7. Set clear goals & expectations.

  8. Visual shop floor metrics to include the entire team on your company’s performance.

  9. Measure direct labor to inventory.

  10. Management should drive a reduction of internal meetings to free up associates to be on the shop floor.

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