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The Missing Piece 

Project Management is becoming increasingly more popular in the United States and across the globe. Most large businesses employ a number of individuals to manage the top initiatives that are important to the future of the company. However, the amount of companies that lack professional project management may surprise you. What exactly are they giving up by not having a formal process for Project Management or someone to drive that process?

The position of Project Manager is important for many reasons but the primary role is to keep the projects they manage on schedule and budget. According to a study done by IBM, only 40% of projects meet budget, schedule, and quality goals (Harvard Business Review). Only 4 out of 10 major initiatives met or exceeded the project objectives per company. How can we increase the number of projects that meet the expectations we strive for? I believe the answer comes back to Project Management. 

Project Managers are more than just organized paper pushers. They hold people accountable, manage risk, and keep the team motivated to continue down the path to success. As a Project Manager, I frequently refer to my title as Project Cheerleader since I often find myself checking in on my project team and providing words of encouragement or offering to help. The link between having a goal and making that goal a reality is having a strong process to drive results. Many initiatives seem overwhelming when first discussed, but that’s where having a dedicated resource to manage the project can help groups to organize thoughts, break them into achievable tasks, plan the tasks accordingly to meet the targets, and motivate the team to hit the marks. Think of a Project Manager as the puzzle piece that connects all the fragments of time together to make one collaborative plan that delivers the results. Now imagine missing one piece of a puzzle but still trying to achieve the same look and feel of the overall picture. It just isn’t the same. Without a formalized process for managing strategies and someone to keep the momentum going, many teams will struggle to achieve project success. Are you missing a piece of the puzzle that’s preventing your team from being successful?

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