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The Value of Project Assessments

By Mark Inge

Understanding the needs of a new client is paramount in building a business case for a project. Normally this is done over a series of phone calls and possibly a one-day onsite visit. While this provides valuable information, it does not provide the clarity necessary to make both parties comfortable with forging ahead.

Projects are often times pain-based for the client and bringing in outside assistance to help expedite a solution is paramount. To completely understand a clients’ needs, and ensure that OperationsRx can help, we recommend performing a 1-2-week assessment at the client. There are multiple benefits for both parties in this option.

  • We get a better understanding of the needs of the client and how their challenges impact the business network.

  • Conducting one-on-one interviews provides a forum to address needs and obtain supporting data that will assist later with building a business case.

  • We get a chance to meet the client’s team and they get a chance to meet us. A projects success is based on the ability of the client and the consulting team’s ability to work together. Both parties must make sure there is a good fit before entering into an extensive project.

  • It provides a better understanding of the level of effort to execute deliverables without having to guess at the needs of the project.

  • The assessment will help us determine if there is an opportunity to continue a full-scale project that is beneficial for both sides. This short pause will allow both sides to digest what has been learned and determine the next steps.

  • There is no waste in an assessment as the information and data collected would be obtained at the onset of a project startup.

Consider an assessment a trial period without entering a longer-term contract. Being able to have a “test drive” with the consulting group will help make the team secure with their abilities to provide a solution and deliver it within the project estimate. This will give comfort to the client team and ensure a successful project and relationship for years to come.

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