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Tips for Transitioning from College to the Workplace

Updated: May 4, 2020

The transition between college to the workplace is a big jump in a person’s life. It’s the beginning of a career and evolution into the next chapter. While this time can be very exciting, there can also be many obstacles to overcome. In this article are three tips that I would give anyone that is making the transition from college to the workplace.

  1. Take every moment/opportunity to learn.

You learned many things during your tenure at the university, but your knowledge is still unrefined and lacks the experience needed to be successful. The skilled professionals that you are going to be surrounded by have been doing their jobs for years and have valuable experience and knowledge that you can absorb. During the first couple of years of your career, every moment is going to be a good learning experience and you should take the initiative to utilize every opportunity. The more you learn and the speed at which you learn are extremely valuable when entering the workplace.

  1. Working longer does not equal being productive.

You may feel the need to work very long hours to impress your new employer. The perception that working longer means you are being productive is incorrect. You may work 12 hours a day, but if you are only productive for 5 hours then what value do you bring with the other 7 hours? You need to make sure that your time is productive rather than wasted. Working longer/harder while being productive is highly valued in the workplace. Focus on reducing the amount of wasted time while you are working.

  1. Understand your role.

When you first enter the workforce, you feel a sense of entitlement from all the time and resources you put into educating yourself and preparing yourself for your job. Be aware that everyone you are working with has been in the same boat. You can’t rise to the top without starting at the bottom. Be open and understand that you will see the fruits of your labor in time. A big-headed ego is never rewarded.

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