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Jason Cornett

Director of Supply Chain Planning

& Network Design

“The OpsRx Team joined us at a critical time – our delivery performance was declining and our inventory dollars were climbing.  Their project team invested significant time learning our processes and our people.  They coupled this personal approach with their supply chain planning expertise and innovative data analytics approach.  Finally, I knew this project would be a success when I understood that the OpsRx team would stay with us through project implementation.  For me, this is what sets OpsRx apart from other consultants – they didn’t disappear with clean hands after making recommendations; rather, they got their hands dirty with me to ensure their recommendations actually produced results for our business.


Within two months of project implementation, we’ve seen our delivery performance climb 10% - meeting our customers’ expectations – and our inventory value has declined by $20M - meeting our board’s expectations.  I’m confident we’ll see even further optimization as we become more proficient at the tools & processes OpsRx helped us develop. The OpsRx Team truly delivered on their commitment to find simple solutions for our complex world."


Jon Michael Adinolfi

Divisional President

“The OperationsRx team collaborated and worked with our organization to build and execute a solid strategy.  They helped us reestablish processes and procedures while building out information that enabled us to stabilize and improve our supply chain efficiency.  I would highly recommend their services.”


Ilia Papas

Founder & CTO

"OperationsRx has been a valued partner to Blue Apron over the years. Kevin and his team have an impressive breadth and depth of experience and they've built an excellent software suite that integrates well with both in-house software and most major ERP systems."

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Roberto Darienzo

Head of Operations
& Supply Chain

When OperationsRx joined our team, we were having difficulties with downtime due to equipment breakdown, a sub-standard preventative maintenance program, lack of adequate resources, and a disorganized department. Serving in an Interim role, they were able to organize the area, retrain and create a team spirit, instill collaboration across the team, and at the same time dramatically reduce the equipment failures, bringing our business efficiency and performance to a much better condition.


OperationsRx demonstrates a high level of work ethic, responsibility, and leadership. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

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Jason Hild


We initially engaged the OperationsRx team to guide and support the implementation of not only the tools but also the required business processes to improve inventory management. Specifically, our objective was to increase product availability while also reducing our working capital investment. We partnered with OperationsRx on this project because the team brought deep experience, practical solutions, the ability to lead implementation, and a willingness to train our internal team for go-forward ownership. Importantly, the project was completed on time and on budget.


Frankly, the OperationsRx team enabled us to drive this transformational change more quickly than we could have on our own. But perhaps more importantly, the project achieved the stated objectives from a business performance standpoint. This success 6 years ago has blossomed into sustained partnership, whereby we have utilized the OperartionsRx resources for a wide variety of both big and small projects across our supply chain, distribution centers, production lines, and other areas. We continue to value Kevin and his crew as both resources and thought partners as we constantly work to optimize and improve our business operations.


Jason Mays

Managing Director 

OperationsRx has assisted our aerospace business sites on several different occasions. Each time they always start with listening to the business need and collectively setting the desired goals before beginning. They then masterfully bring in the right personnel, with the right tool-box skillsets, to work with the internal teams to meet the established goals. Their work has always exceeded my expectation and they have never missed an established goal!


Adrien Cipel

Strategic Resource Group

We have partnered with OperationsRx to develop an Industrial Plan for one of our MedTech portfolio companies: the OpsRx team has been instrumental in building and rolling out a sophisticated yet simple-to-use tool, leveraged by 5 global sites to project their volumes and better plan for their capacity.

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